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Our delicious buffets are perfect for any event from corporate events to  private parties and Weddings. Our buffet services makes entertaining easy.

Our delicious buffet service is a fully versatile way to serve and display delicious food for your guests. With so many different choices of foods, buffets are an all-round crowd pleaser for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It can also be a simple way to cater for a large party who all have different preferences when it comes to food.

When you book with us we will go through our fabulous menus with you and discuss the foods you would like to be served. We offer a number of seasonal dishes and are always happy to cater to certain allergies or preferences. If you aren’t sure what you might like fear not! Our menus can be tailored to suit you and we can serve our buffets hot, cold or a little bit of both!


When it comes to serving your buffet, we can make arrangements for you and your guests to come up to help yourselves, or if you would prefer a table service we have our highly skilled waiters and waitresses on hand to serve you.

Salted Orange Food Company also offers a delivered buffet option for those who are just too busy to cook but have guests to entertain, staff to feed or just want to make a great impression to that all important client. We will prepare the buffet of your choice in the morning and will deliver it to you at whatever time you need.

We personally feel that buffets are a fantastic option for all types of event. From corporate events, to wedding days, even to public events: Salted Orange Food Company has every event covered.