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Hog Roast Hire – All free range and locally sourced

Free Range Hog Roasts for Any Occasion

Our hog roasts are ideal for a showcase outside catering event. We source local free range Lincolnshire pork and slow roast it for 8 hours to create the perfect hog roast. However we can also provide beef, chicken, and venison. Hog roasts are perfect if you want to feed between 50 and 150 of your guests. Whilst many hog roast providers are only available for a weekend event, we are available 7 days a week. Here at Salted Orange Food Company we go about everything we do to the highest standard possible.

With our hog roast you get that little bit more:

Preparing Your Hog Roast

The process of creating our hog roasts is long but the reward is great. Our pigs are free range and locally sourced, so we know where they’ve come from and how they’ve been treated. Once at the right weight, we receive them back to us 3 days before your event. We then bathe them in apple juice, cider and salt, which is a delicate brining process which allows the flavours to penetrate the meat. This begins the process of creating a wonderful meal for your event.

After 24 hours, we wash off the meat and then leave it to hang for a day, this then dries the skin and gives us the crackling that everyone loves.

hog roasts apple tree
hog roasts man preparing roast and buffet

The Day of the Hog Roast

On the day of your event, the hog is spiked and then set cooking to a temperature of 150 degrees. This is slightly higher than normal. However we believe in a quicker method to get the best results, as it allows the meat the stay juicy and not dry out and become powdery. There’s nothing better than seeing your food cooked with care and attention. So with our gourmet hog roasts they serve as a great visual and central attraction to your event.

The Trimmings

We provide all the trimmings for you and your guests to complete and enjoy your meal. We have bread rolls delivered fresh on the day from Foster’s Bakery. You can also pick and choose from a range of sides which we can supply based on your event’s requirements.

Once the event is over, we quickly and efficiently clear the food area so you don’t have to worry about the mess or washing the dishes!

hog roasts pile of bread rolls

If you’re planning an event and would like to know more about our hog roasts, get in touch with us here or by calling 01522 283015.