With Summer just around the corner, planning a party as a get together with friends or family could be a fantastic idea in order to have a catch up and reunite people. A picnic themed party can involve going somewhere with hampers or baskets, but it can also be a garden party with a picnic theme!

Planning your perfect summer picnic party couldn’t be any easier than with us. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Baskets and hampers

Creating the perfect way to present your summer picnic is the first step to impressing your guests. Use eBay or Amazon to find some baskets or hampers so you can bring everything with you. Obviously cool boxes are really helpful as well to keep easily perishable items cold!

Using baskets and hampers also makes for a great design feature for a table as well. Have the lids open for people to pick their food from so your guests get a real picnic feel to your even.

To decorate the hampers or boxes there are some simple ideas which don’t break the bank. For example, finding some gingham print fabric to line the bottom of the baskets might be a great idea. Fabric like this may only cost a few pounds depending on how much you need.


If you decide to have a garden party with a picnic theme, having decorations to give the perfect feel can make the event talked about for a long time and for all of the right reasons!

Pop up gazebos are great for shelter, but can often look drab. Decorating them with fairy lights on the inside, as well as bunting can add a touch of charm to the often soulless structures.

Tables can be decorated with fresh flowers, and tablecloths could often be made from the same fabric types we suggested for baskets and hampers. Vintage crockery would also blend in nicely to this picnic idea.

Choice of Food

A summer picnic will revolve around family and friends, so it must be considered that children will also be attending. Therefore the choice of food you might want might be quite varied.

Sandwiches, mini cakes, scones, you name it and here at Salted Orange Food Co, we can provide it. A buffet choice is always a crowd pleaser and suits most tastes. Check out our full range of outside catering ideas here!