Summer is an extremely popular time of year to have a wedding. Whether it is the weather, or the fact that the whole family can attend, it is a season which might need a little bit more of consideration behind it. We’ve come up with some tips for summer weddings so you can have the wedding of your dreams and prepare for every eventuality.

Use in season flowers

The choice of summer flowers available is long and diverse, meaning there will be something available to suit you and your wedding. Anything from a simple yet elegant carnation, to the beautiful sweet pea flower; just as long as you ask the florists about what they can get in well in advance.

Using in season flowers is a great way to save money, meaning that they often do not have to be imported and can be grown right here in the UK.

Cold drinks and canapes

A selection of cold drinks and canapes at the reception is a great way to get into the summer wedding mood. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages themed around summer fruits are a great way to celebrate all things warm and sunny.

Cold canapes inspired by seasonal produce would also be a hit. Lighter foods are much better suited to when the weather is hot, as appetites can be lost a lot easier in the heat or humidity.

Shield your hair and body from the sun

Even if the skies are dull and its breezy and warm, you will have a chance of catching the sun. Sun cream should be worn in case you want red faced photos! You can get moisturisers with SPF in them so there is no feeling of greasy skin. Remember to also pick a main sun cream brand which doesn’t leave any marks on your clothing.

As a tip to keep your hair from sun damage, there is UV protection sprays available which often also have anti frizz properties in them. This will keep your hair photo ready and protected the whole day.

Pick a versatile food menu

The Great British summer is completely unpredictable, so when talking to us here at Salted Orange we can try and create a bespoke menu which will suit a wide range of guests and suited to most weather styles. To cold starters, to a hog roast which is great for an outdoor wedding. We can come up with some ideas, or you can give us your list of preferred dishes or menus.

Pack a brolly

You might think we’re joking but if your wedding is outside, preparing for all weather is the best thing for you. Make sure there are covered areas which you can move to have the ceremony if need be. Having covered areas available also means that guests can shelter from warm temperatures if it does all get a bit too much.