Child friendly party ideas!

As a mum myself, I know how difficult it can be to have a social life, a demanding job and be a mum.

Combining the socialising and looking after children can be difficult. However, I think I might have been able to come up child friendly party ideas which will keep the little ones quiet, and their parents relaxed and entertained!

Create a kids-only space

Cover the floor with newspaper, tape it down so it doesn’t move, and place a crafts table on it. Stock the table with crayons, Play-Doh, paints (if you’re feeling brave) and other art materials.

When kids are left in a ‘kids only’ area, they relish in this opportunity to be independent. However, keep an eye on them every now and again as art activities can end up being messy!

Dinner is served

Let the kids take your dinner orders and serve your meals.

The roleplay restaurant idea here keeps them happy and engaged. Children’s toy food and kitchens have been a large part of children’s play across decades, but this time involving real people and food can be lots of fun for them!

To really make it fun, let them pick uniforms, make menus and use notebooks to take orders.

Create a cinema

Choose a kid-friendly movie that you know your children haven’t seen in a while. Unlike a brand new movie, you know they really like it and that it is a popular choice amongst many children. Set them up with comfy pillows and blankets (pro tip, blanket forts are really popular!) as well as a selection of refreshments. Microwave some popcorn for them and have them pretend they’re in a real cinema!

What is great about this idea is that you can set the kids up in another room whilst they watch a film for a good hour and a half. In this time, drinks can be had or the main ‘adult’ dinner can be served.

Send them on a scavenger hunt

Create clues and list the objects they need to find before the party, so when all the guests arrive, the kids can go on an adventure around the house or garden.

Consider giving them some prizes that can keep them entertained long after the hunt is over, like party bag toys or a sweet treat.