Dinner parties can be tiring and also stressful. However in order to create a spectacle to be proud of, a lot of planning is needed in order for it to be a fabulous time with you and your guests. Here I’ve come up with a few menu ideas and themes to match in case you ever get stuck!

Seasonal themed dinner parties

There’s nothing quite like celebrating the food and events of different seasons. In summer, berry rich puddings could be on the menu, as well as lighter salads and barbeque food. With summer, a picnic themed party like mentioned in our previous post might be a great idea.

Winter and autumn themed parties could involve the classic Bailey’s hot chocolate as a welcome cocktail, as well as hearty stews for a main course. Bonfire night, held in November means you could have sparklers and fireworks outside making for a fantastic display after an evening of good company.

Spring dishes could involve lamb, or even revolve around an Easter theme. Seasonal ideas are so versatile and are easy to interpret personally.

Casino Night

Casino night really brings out a fun and competitive side to the evening. Purchase a roulette game to play with friends, have some cards at the ready and be prepared to be the house dealer!

To go along with this theme, have canapes ready to serve as well as cocktails to spice up the night with. Design food to look like dice, chips or dominoes, and perhaps have a cocktail roulette game!

As for a centre piece, use the cards and glue them in a card tower design

Murder mystery

Always a winner, this night involves a lot of planning in order for the murder mystery to go smoothly. Sites like this have plenty of free plots for you to choose from.

Depending on which plot you choose, decorate your house accordingly and encourage your guests to dress as their assigned roles. Offer prizes for Best Costume, Super Sleuth, and Best Performance; along with any of your own ideas!

Structure the murder mystery to be completed by the main course, so you can come out of character and catch up by dessert.

Simple and fuss free wine and cheese evening

If being big on food and huge event ideas isn’t quite your thing, then sometimes nothing can beat a good and simple cheese and wine evening.

Spend a good evening looking into which cheeses pair with what types of wine and bring it all together in a night of sampling and chatting. Of course perhaps a few party games would go down a treat after a few glasses!

Or our alternative…

Of course if cooking will be too much for you, as well as hosting, here at Salted Orange Food Company we offer catering for dining services for private and small functions.