Social Care Exchange Open New Offices

On the 30th November we took over the kitchens at Social Care Exchange. It was a fantastic day, we met amazing people. Served good food and even got to meet the Mayor of Lincoln.

Social Care Exchange is a local resource centre for people working in the health and social care sector. They offer specialist support for those who need it. They also offer jobs to those who are looking to work in the health and social care field.

We had a great time catering for this event. We catered for 80 guests with our canape menu and offered drinks and champagne.

Canape Menu

30th November 2016


Pressed ham with pea

Lincolnshire poacher and red onion tartlets

Soy and honey sausages

Smoked salmon and chive cornets

Crab cakes, sriracha mayonnaise

Goat’s cheese and tomato

Champagne and soft drinks provided by client


The Social Care Exchange offices were opened by the Mayor of Lincoln, Councillor Yvonne Bodger. The event brought key local figures together and allowed us to work closely with the community.

Collaborating with local business is something that we at Salted Orange would like to do more of. It’s a great feeling meeting people in our community and using our food as a talking point. Food always brings people together, whether its family friends or complete strangers, the food is where it starts.

If you would like to know more about Social Care Exchange click here. If they can do anything for you or if you could do anything for them just get in contact with them, they do some really good work.

Would like to know more about our corporate catering or canape menus? click here. We offer a range of services for different events and look forward to hearing from you.