Tips for Serving Mom a Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Mother’s day breakfast in bed has been a mother’s day tradition for years. We have seen it in films, TV and adverts. Making your mum breakfast in bed is essential to having a perfect mother’s day. Thy always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For mother’s day it is twice as important.

Of course you want to create the best breakfast your mum will ever taste. So we have got a few tips to help you create the prefect breakfast for your mother on mother’s day.

  • SURPRISE! – If you want the breakfast to be a surprise you are going to want to make some of the dishes ahead of the morning. So the night before you will want to prep the breakfast while she is out so it doesn’t ruin the surprise. If you wake up early you will be able to add the finishing touches to her mother’s day breakfast in bed. Once you have made your finishing touches bring the breakfast to her on a tray for the perfect surprise.
  • Keep It Simple – You do not have to make everything complicated. Keep it simple, keep it easy but also keep it fun. You do not want to be spending ages preparing 5 different dishes that all require your attention. Getting served breakfast in bed is special enough without having extravagant food. Include a bunch of flowers, her favourite of course, a card and a gift just for her. We guarantee she will appreciate it much more.

Get The Whole Family Involved

  • Get Involved – Let the kids help you out. As we have said, if you keep the recipe simple like pancakes or toast, the children will be able to help. Not only does it keep them occupied and away from mum while she tries to sleep it also means they can be a part of the magic as well. If not, you can always get the kids to do the washing up afterwards. Although I think we both know what they would prefer to help out with.
  • Ask mum – Ask her what she would like for mother’s day breakfast in bed. If you are wanting to keep it a surprise try and be a little subtle with your questioning. If not she will appreciate the thought and the fact that she doesn’t have to make her own breakfast.