Spring Wedding Caterers Top Picks

Spring weddings are always beautiful. With the weather getting warmer and everything is in bloom it is the perfect season to have a wedding. Wedding caterers always have the best time planning spring wedding menus. There is so much more scope in spring. We have some helpful tips for when you are planning your spring wedding.


If you want to have a personalized wedding one of the best and easiest ways to do this is by having a signature cocktail. An increase in warm, sunny weather calls for cool, crisp refreshments. A lot of people will go for pimms but we always say that it’s your special day and you only get to do this once so push the boat out and have champagne cocktails.

We can create your signature cocktail with our bar hire package. Our main feature of our bar hire is that we have the capability to create a bespoke cocktail menu for your event. Our speciality is gin, as we stock many types from across the world that vary in flavour. Of course, we can offer any spirit based cocktails of your choosing.

Spring Wedding Planning Tips We Have to Offer


Offer seasonal inspired hors d’oeuvres to start the meal. A lot of people will associate eggs with spring. This is because spring is the season for Easter. So to avoid having a completely Easter motivated theme we like to offer subtle options for your spring wedding. We like to offer pouched eggs as an appetiser in spring. Of course the options are all up to you.

There is also the option of having salad as an appetiser. It offers a light start to your spring wedding menu. Also adding fruits will always play up to the seasonal vibe.


There are so many heavy desserts that people like to go for for their spring weddings. It’s a time when the weather is getting hotter and you want light refreshing desserts. French inspired macaroons always go down well or strawberries dipped in chocolate. Fruit dipped in chocolate are light, fun and yummy.