Wedding Bar Hire to Give Your Wedding a Unique Edge

Stand out from the crowd and make new waves with our wedding bar hire service. No matter what the theme, our bar hire service can offer a fresh take on your vintage wedding. When people want an authentic vintage style wedding it can leave little, to no room for being creative when it comes to your cocktails. The drinks are what make a wedding reception. It is a chance for everybody to un wind and take a sip of their favourite beverage. Or it could even be a chance for your guests to try something new.

DIY Cocktails

Something that we have seen becoming quite populate are couples handing out personalized cocktails. This is when the happy couple collaborate to create a cocktail specifically for them that their guests can try. What we would suggest would be to have a DIY cocktail station where your guests, with the help of a specialist, can create their own personalised cocktail. Of course, you can limit your guests to one cocktail each as to reduce the amount of mixed alcohol and reduces the costs for you. This will also mean that people will be more likely to take their time in choosing the flavours of their drink. Therefore creating a tasty drink for themselves and others to try.

Wedding Bar Hire Services That Add Flair To Your Night

Bar Décor

The décor of the bar is very important, especially for a themed wedding. Our bar service can be transformed to meet the requirements you require. However, we often have a vintage theme to our bar. Using wooden crates and floral bunting to give the bar a homemade vintage look. The bar hire service that we offer fits in perfectly with any vintage or bohemian themed wedding.

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