Corporate Catering Ideas To Take Back to The Office

Lunch can always be a complicated affair in the office. Dealing with dietary requirements, peoples likes and dislikes, it can all get a bit too much. However, we have got a few tips to help you witch your corporate catering.


A simple way to please everyone in the office is to offer a green menu. People often shy away from the idea. However, it can lead to a very good impression with your clients. It shows that you are caring about the environment and that you are wanting to give back to the community. The menu can include meat sourced locally and ingredients that are organic. The packaging is also important. Using entirely recyclable packing as well, shows a level of understanding and that you are willing to go the extra mile. All this served with fair trade coffee and your lunch is onto a winner.


Gourmet foods are about the ingredients and the presentation. Show your co-workers or potential clients that you care with a healthy gourmet menu. It is often noted that corporate catering can sometimes boil down to sandwiches and some crisps. This is not a great first impression for you meetings.

Corporate Catering Mixing Things Up

You can use pitta breads not only as a healthy alternative but you can also bake them with herbs to make crisps out of them. Its not a huge leap from the sandwich and crisps menu but it does show you’ve thought about it.


You can have a themed lunch for your meeting or your corporate events. It can be very subtle. Adding your company local to the packaging of the foods. Going for a colour scheme throughout to tie in the corporate catering with your event. It doesn’t have to be and in your face but it can be a powerful message that you take pride in your company.