Wedding Favours Are an Easy Way to Personalize You Wedding

The tradition of distributing wedding favours goes back a long way. The first wedding favour is believed to be a bonbonniere. This was a small trinket box made out of crystal and porcelain which contained sugar cubes. Sugar cubes were just coming into fashion, they were very new, very sort after and made for a very extravagant gift. This is why wedding favours today are usually some form of food and drink.

Wedding favours can sometimes get a bit samey, if you are wanting to make your wedding really personalized and unique you wedding favours are the way to go. This is the time to get creative and make some wedding favours to be proud of. There are of course many different ways you can go about this and we have got some top tips for you.

Unique Wedding Favours to Personalize Your Wedding Day

  1. Love Hearts

In order to keep up with tradition, you can give your guests a sugary treat with personalise love hearts. Instead of the usual sayings you would get on love hearts, these can say ‘Just Married’ or the happy couple’s names, or maybe even ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’ on the individual hearts. Love hearts always take you back to being a kid and handing your crush a love heart that says, ‘be mine’ so go all out with the personalization on this one. Your guests are sure to enjoy it.

  1. I.O.U

This one is very different and quite risky, depending on the type of friends you have. So, you can give your guests and literal favour. An I.O.U that they can redeem at any point during your marriage. If you have some lovely friends then they’re favour might be to pick them up on the way to work. However, if you have some more mischievous friends these I.O.U’s could be a big risk. Wedding favours at your own risk.

  1. Lego Men

Depending on how far you want to go with your wedding favours, Lego men will be a big hit. What people usually do is buy a variety of Lego people, break them up and leave the pieces in a big box for your guests. This gives your guests the opportunity to make a Lego person that resembles them, or just make someone for fun. These are great because they give your guests a chance to make something for themselves and Lego people can be turned into keychains, so it’s a favour that will last.