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Dare to Be Different

So, you’ve decided to have an outdoor wedding, come rain or shine. Admittedly, a barbecue isn’t something you would usually associate with a wedding, but that’s why it makes for such a unique and fun experience. Summer marquee weddings go hand in hand with outdoor and barbecue catering, without losing the element of sophistication. Your wedding day should be a day of enjoying what and who you love, and most people love a good barbecue!

All the staff at Salted Orange are highly professional and the presentation of any dish is always high on the priorities list. Unlike many hotels and other companies, we are completely flexible with the meat, fish, courses and sides, using local and fresh produce wherever possible. Why not try some of our outstanding canapés? With vegetarian and vegan dishes available, as well as tastes from around the world, we have the expertise to make your dream wedding breakfast a reality.

It’s All About You… and Your Guests!

With Salted Orange, catering can be completely tailored to you, your budget and most importantly, your relationship story. People bond over sharing food and these memories stick in our minds. Whether your menu is based on a certain meal you shared, place you’ve visited or even a shared appreciation of Lincolnshire sausages, we have the perfect ideas for you.

As well as making you as happy as possible, we also make sure that all your guests are too! Taking the pressure off and leaving you with the knowledge that our company will meet and exceed your expectations. With our delicious barbecues or hog roasts, our service brings a real family-feel to an event and brings people together. Be it buffet style, table sharing or even free seating (to take the stress out of table plans), it is guaranteed to encourage conversation and make sure even the fussiest guest enjoys an incredible meal.

Tailored Barbecue Catering Experiences by Salted Orange

Barbecue catering also provides a kind of theatre, entrancing guests with our talented chefs and building anticipation with that hard-to-beat barbecue smell. Children would be much better suited to this kind of catering and what’s more it is also more cost-effective than the traditional sit-down wedding meal.
If you would like more information about outdoor or barbecue catering, or even our more traditional ideas, contact Sam at Salted Orange today, or catch him every weekend this month at the Salted Orange stall, at a variety of wedding fairs.

Barbecue wedding catering