As well as a few nibbles, drinks are bound to be a big part of your party. As it’s New Year’s Eve, a bit of fizz will never go a miss. Prosecco is often a great and cheaper Champagne alternative, with many people preferring it. The key is not to attempt too much and to plan in advance – ooh and celebrate the new year!

new year's eve champagne

Sam’s Top Tips for New Year’s Eve


1) Use Orangina instead of orange juice in buck’s fizz, to make sure that it stays fizzy.

2) Freeze your lemons and limes to keep your drinks cool for much longer.

3) Top-up drinks every so often, allowing your guests to keep the conversation flowing and reduce your washing up! It also gives you a chance to chat to everyone and mingle.

4) Why not mix it up with some cocktails? See our Queen Mother Cocktail on our blog.

5) Use a cinnamon stick to stir in. An old-fashioned method for a little warmth in a cold night.

6) Don’t forget, you will need non-alcoholic drinks for all the designated drivers and non-drinkers at your event.

7) Pre-cook and prepare your New Year’s Eve food so you only have time finish it – more time for drinking and spending time with friends and family.

8) Don’t stress! An excellent host is one who gets involved in conversation and makes the evening seem effortless. Remember that your guests enjoy your company and have all been in your situation before.

9) Keep it simple by serving a delicious range of food that you know you can get right first time.

10) Make a good playlist – avoid awkward silences and keep everyone happy with a few crowd-pleasers, and some dancey numbers for the end of the night!


Have a look at our previous blog entry about canapé ideas here, for catering inspiration. Or if you would like for us to provide hassle free catering for New Year’s Eve, then contact us here.