Outdoor weddings are a consideration of most couples, however there are many more indoor weddings in the UK. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and risks of taking your ceremony out into nature! Another option is of course to just host the reception outdoors, being able to take advantage of a wide variety of outdoor catering options and enjoy the summer weather.

Benefits of Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings, unsurprisingly, are most common in the summer. Popular wedding venues have picturesque backdrops for all your photos and the natural lighting can make an incredible difference. Celebratory Champagne in the sunshine, sounds great right?… it’s just a shame that the British weather is so unpredictable! However, there are some great marquee options out there to shelter your guests or you could consider a destination wedding! The outdoor environment and the marquee is a blank canvas for you to work with, allowing you to put your own stamp on the decorations and even use the natural beauty to your advantage, cutting costs. Most venues offer vast outdoor areas which gives you more flexibility with layout and the number of guests you would like to invite for your special day. Parents will be thrilled to hear that outdoor weddings can be much more family friendly and interesting for your little ones. There is also the option to choose a venue that is important in your relationship journey, a place of sentimental value.

Outdoor Wedding Risks

Aside from the weather, local wildlife such as bees and insects should also be a consideration. More importantly, UK law states that you cannot sign the marriage documents outside. Therefore your marriage is not legally binding unless you go to somewhere registered or simply a registry office before or after your celebration. When visiting potential wedding venues, it is easy to get caught up in the scenery, but it is also important to be practical and think about amenities and power. Cost will also be a non-exciting part to wedding planning, but it’s a good idea to get a few quotes from different venues before paying any deposits. The hire and construction of large marquees can also cost more than an indoor venue, as well as toilet hire and other practical things you will need. However, it is often the case that quotes for these events are much more specific with less hidden costs.

So, that’s a lot to think about! In terms of availability, it really depends on the venue you choose. There are less outdoor weddings, so you may think that there will be much less of a waiting time, but you also must consider that everyone wants to get in there in the summer months.

Naturally, We Must Mention Outdoor Catering!

Each year Salted Orange have been getting more and more customers wanting a more relaxed and unique wedding breakfast experience. Outdoor catering options include vibrant street food, delicious barbeque and of course the hog roast. This more informal catering adds a bit of excitement to the meal, allows your guests to choose exactly what they would like, and can go hand in hand with a relaxed seating plan to encourage mingling. For more information on the different services we offer, click here.