What is Bowl Food?

After a big weekend of Royal wedding celebrations, we’ve been having a look at the Royal wedding menu – as elegant and sensational as expected! The same caterer was used as at William and Kate’s wedding, who eagerly took on the challenge of pleasing the 600 guests at the biggest wedding of the year! However, the most talked about topic of conversation is bowl food!

Somewhere in-between canapes and a main meal, bowl food incorporates miniature meal favourites and great tasting ingredients – in a bowl of course! Described as “trendy”, there have been mixed opinions on the Royal couple’s catering choices. The more informal nature of bowl food is not traditional and encourages guests to mingle and not stick to arranged seating. Like canapés, guests can pick and choose what they fancy, and portions are relatively small. This is ideal for these fancy events with numerous courses, so as not to spoil your appetite. Guests can use these as an alternative to canapés or as the main meal – the possibilities are endless!

John Lewis have reported a 14% increase in like-for-like bowl sales in the past 6 months over plates, and bowls are a much more popular gift item. We think the trend is growing due to a shift in the kinds of foods people are eating – healthy rice/grain dishes, layered salads and oriental influenced options. It is also apparent that modern families rarely eat at the dining table anymore and are more used to eating on the go on in more relaxed settings – showing the growing desire for good food and informality.

The Royal Wedding Menu

Royal wedding guests were treated to a selection of bowl food which included posh chicken, mushroom and young leek dishes, pea and mint risotto with hand-selected pea shoots, parmesan crisps lavished in truffle oil, and slow-roasted pork belly with apple compote and crackling. Only the best for Harry and Meghan!

Alongside this, sweet canapés were offered around. These include champagne and pistachio macaroons, very British rhubarb crumble tartlets, and delectable mini créme brûléé. Don’t get me started on the wedding cake! Meticulously designed by Claire Ptak, this inspired choice included elderflower syrup made in the Queen’s Sandringham Estate, as well as a light sponge finished with a delightful lemon curd and elderflower buttercream. Mmmm…..


Salted Orange – Ahead of the Trends

Salted Orange has been thinking outside the box and creating bowl food menus and other outside catering options for years! Some of the most memorable bowl food at weddings have been fragrant Thai inspired greens and mini twists on traditional British favourites.

This has been great at both indoor and outdoor client weddings and allows a more informal and fun food service for your guests. Step away from tradition and have a menu tailor made for you! Click here to see all our outside catering options or here to read more about our bowl food and canapés.