How to Write a Best Man Speech

So, you’ve been chosen to be the best man. Great! But with great power comes great responsibility.  Not only do you need to keep a close eye on the rings and help to organise the stag, but you are also trusted to write and perform a speech that entertains and gives an insight into the couple’s relationship journey. It is up to the best man to joke about the groom and tell stories – just nothing too outrageous!

We have compiled a list of 10 top tips to help you get started…

Top 10 Best Man Speech Tips

  • Plan Ahead

A well-crafted speech needs time and effort, especially if you haven’t known the groom for that long. Make note cards instead of juggling reams of paper and bullet point everything in case you get nervous and need to check your place quickly. If you are worried about talking for too long, then try and time around five minutes and allow time for pauses and laughter.


  • Practice Makes Perfect

This leads us on nicely… practice practice practice! If possible read it to a trusted friend who knows the couple but won’t spill the beans! Take criticism, you can always edit what you are going to say before the wedding breakfast. If you don’t remember it word for word don’t worry! You don’t want to seem scripted or robotic, just show that you care about your friend/family member.


  • Introduce Yourself

The chances are the majority of the room will not have met you before. Introduce yourself, your relationship to the couple and how long you’ve known them to give them context ready for your stories.


  • Opening Lines

At the wedding breakfast, get the audience on side straight away by being upbeat and perhaps include a one-liner joke or funny observation about the wedding.


  • Thank You

Make sure to thank those involved in making the wedding a success such as the bridesmaids, ushers, other speakers, and of course the bride and groom themselves.


  • Messages from Afar

It is customary for the best man to read out any messages from those who were unable to make the wedding in the best man speech. This can be heartfelt but also funny with the right angle.


  • Consider Your Audience

Although you may have many drunken or embarrassing stories from the groom and your friendship group, you need to consider that family members, children and the easily offended will be in the room! Grooms are nearly always blushing a little but avoid taboo subjects like ex partners, gambling and drugs, still keeping a positive opinion of marriage in mind.


  • Bromance It Up!

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Sentimental.

Speeches should always end with kind words and happiness in the union of the couple. The chances are, much of the audience won’t know the groom really well so you can paint a picture for them. Speeches need to balance entertainment with heartfelt wishes and gratitude.


  • End with a Toast

A toast to the bride and groom is always necessary at the end of a speech and reaffirms the support of the audience (and gets them drinking!). Everyone is there to celebrate their marriage after all!


  • Enjoy it!

Your laughter and relaxed attitude will be infectious, plus the groom wouldn’t want you to worry! However, try not to get too carried away with the free drinks 😉 Not until after the wedding speech at least…

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