Salted Orange is passionate about Lincolnshire and is part of a huge network of Lincolnshire-based suppliers, catering venues and producers. We are firm believers that business should be conducted with an open heart and encourage involvement in the community. We regularly undertake collaborative projects with local companies and have recently started doing some cooking training at the Lincoln College.

Our headquarters in Lincoln is not only a substantially sized unit to store our event wares, but it is also a collage of the many local companies we have worked with. Our shelves and fridges are stocked with home-grown products that we utilise in both the everyday running of the kitchen and actively showcase during events. With the likes of Pin Gin, Dunholme Chillies, District Herbalist, Lincoln Tea and Coffee Company, Scaman’s Eggs, Fosters Butchers, Cotehill, Lincolnshire Poacher and many more, we know that these are mutually beneficial relationships that only further our companies through personal endorsement and contribute to the Lincolnshire economy.

From intimate gatherings to huge Lincolnshire events, we are committed to using local produce from Lincolnshire suppliers wherever possible. We support the local economy and farmers, butchers and greengrocers to name but a few. We work closely with these suppliers and trust their wealth of expertise and knowledge in rearing the animals and growing crops, fruit and vegetables.

We actively encourage the use of these products and introduce our clients to them through extensive tasting menus and as refreshments in meetings, such as coffee from the Lincoln Tea & Coffee Company. We are strong believers in building mutually beneficial relationships and providing delicious food of the highest quality.

This year, Salted Orange even launched the first Lincolnshire Hospitality Conference to bring together interested people in the industry to learn, network and grow. The event was a success and we hope to attract even more people next year!

When planning your event, we will be able to tell you exactly where the ingredients are sourced from and explain the benefits of keeping suppliers close to home. However, this doesn’t mean your meal choices will be limited! We are here to make your dreams come true. Contact us now.