Taste of Excellence Awards 2018 | The Brief

Yet another nomination! Sam was nominated for Chef of the Year and was challenged to create something amazing for a panel of judges. A lot of thought went into the menu and presentation. Read on to find out what happened…

The theme of the this year’s Lincolnshire Life Taste of Excellence Awards 2018 was Circus, to go full on with the spectacular and use local produce. This gave me the chance to reflect on some past ideas I have done in my career whilst trying to think outside the box on new ideas as well.

The Menu

So Let’s Begin… The canapes started with Lincolnshire Poacher tartlets, alongside mini Lincoln red hot dogs which were provided by South Ormsby Estate, Musselburgh on the Lincoln red cattle. Next we go to starters where we opted for a gluten-free vegetarian option; a lovely Lincolnshire Poacher cheese mousse with salt baked beetroot feta cheese crisps, roasted butternut squash, beetroot ketchup, marinated wild mushrooms, rocket, and a butternut puree. We made it more of an event with the ringmasters hat going to the table with a thyme dry ice smoke coming out to add some aroma and theatrical aspect to the course.

For the main course we kept things simple with a lovely slow cooked Lincoln red beef, braised with herbs and spices then rolled and served simply with spinach roasted shallot truffle and fondant potato.

Onto desserts… I Incorporated the fairground idea into the circus. We had marshmallow ice cream cones, candy floss trees, candy floss candy apples, chocolate brownies with popping candy, cinnamon doughnuts and dib dabs. So there was something for everyone!

The Result

The Taste of Excellence Awards 2018 event was a unique experience which we all enjoyed thoroughly and we look forward to working with Lincolnshire Life again in the future and continuing to improve on ideas and inspirations. It was close competition but I managed to come second for Chef of the Year! This year has been a whirlwind and we are so grateful for all of the nominations and awards that we have received. On to the next one!