Wedding Case study

Who: Victoria and Nathan

Where: Couples Farm / Caravan holiday park

In What: Shed

When: 15th September 2018


Victoria and Nathan’s wedding reception was an outdoor extravaganza, with even the wedding breakfast in a shed! Victoria was full of ideas from the start, inspiring Sam to create a bespoke menu full of elements from the food of restaurants that the couple had enjoyed together. Opting for a selection of delicious canapes and ‘table picnic’ style of catering for the main course, this informal method allowed the food to do the talking – slow roasted Lincolnshire pork and Moroccan-inspired lamb, accompanied by a selection of side dishes from around the world.

‘The Colourful Picnic’

The Brief

The wedding catering planning began with the bride (Victoria) having a very clear idea of what she wanted and seeing the food as the second most important part of their special day.

So, no easy task, but as truly bespoke caterers we where able to work with her to adapt to what she wanted, along with making sure the quality was excellent. We had 63 guests including vegans!

Starting at the initial consultation, Victoria took inspirations from restaurants and other food businesses that she and Nathan had enjoyed. So, Sam created a menu using elements of their favourite dishes, adapting the style to suit.

At their tasting we finely tuned the food so to best execute their vision of the day.

The Menu

Opting for a ‘table picnic’ style, they went for a loin of Lincolnshire pork simply roasted with crackling. We also created a Moroccan inspired lamb shoulder, slowly braised in herbs, spices and fruits and then pulled to be extra tender and delicious.

Complementing these dishes were…

Proper coleslaw, Garden salad with almonds, Butternut and pomegranate Israeli cous cous

Buttered herb new potatoes, Selection of artisan breads, Grated tzatziki and Authentic houmous



Opting for just a one course meal, we decided that a larger selection of canapés would get the guests fired up for the main event. We created…


Chickpea and asparagus fritters with truffled pea

Confit duck and spring onion bon bons

Black treacle pork belly

Fosters sausage in soy and honey finished with sesame

Compressed cucumber with Moroccan houmous (vegan)

Smoked salmon and sweetcorn blini with caviar

Oxtail vol au vent with horseradish and watercress


The Event

Definitely one of the more interesting venues that we have catered, the ‘shed’ did not disappoint! With a constant stream of canapes, there was already a buzz about the food before we even served the main course. The guests commented on how colourful and welcoming our team was.

The sophisticated yet simply inspired menu worked well with the atmosphere the couple were trying to create.

The day ended with wood fired pizza on this occasion not by us, but we did provide full bar services until the party came to an end!