Who: 130 guests invited by the Red Arrows

Where: The venue was incredibly vast and a rather impressive spectacle. We had lots of space to prepare in the actual Red Arrows hanger.

When: Friday 22nd March 2019


We had the honour of being asked to cater the anniversary of the unfortunate death of a Red Arrows pilot last year. The event was a respectful celebration of life and a full three course meal. Everyone came together and we felt very special being invited to cater the event. It was awesome to serve food in such an amazing place and experience the hanger for ourselves.

The Red Arrows

The Brief

A celebration of the life of those that were lost, to bring everyone together for this commemorative meal. A warming three course sit-down dinner for 130 guests, finishing with a chocolatey dessert.

The Menu

We started with a traditional soup, followed by a classic Lincolnshire beef dish. Then we finished with a rich chocolate mousse with shortbread and an indulgent salted caramel sauce.

The Event

We started nice and early with the assembly of our ‘kitchen’, coming back later to organise the tables. Back with our team in tow, the tables had been laid into a Union Jack formation and we were off with the food then after. The event went very well, and we were honoured to be asked to be a part of this gathering.