The What – Vegan Wedding Catering

The When – 4th May 2019

The Where – East Bridgford Hill

The Why – B and B’s wedding breakfast


We first met the couple nearly a year ago. B and B were very laid back and relaxed and they decided to go for a small intimate wedding at East Bridgford Hill.

When Sam sat down with these lovely ladies, they informed him that they wanted to have fully vegan wedding catering. He was not fazed by the challenge and had ample ideas to give them. Sam set about creating some fun, interesting, colourful and tasty menus to narrow down later with B and B.

With only 24 adult guests, it allowed us the opportunity to be a little more personal and to be extra creative.

Vegan Wedding Catering Menu

We started with canapés – some of our super tasty tomatoes simply served on spoons and crisp sweet potato with guacamole. Next, we had courgette, aged balsamic and soy cheese toasts, along with some spicy falafel with sriracha to balance everything else.

Onto the starter…

Going for a Moroccan inspired table sharer – we had ‘garlicky’ houmous, flatbreads, crudites, cucumber and coconut salad, roasted beetroot with sprouts and almonds, and tomato and basil salad.

A colourful and welcoming start to married life!

For the mains…

Sam chose what is fast becoming our signature vegan super dish – butternut Rossini. This is a fillet of butternut squash wrapped in courgette and topped with spinach, onions, wild mushrooms and pumpkin seeds. Accompanying this is a potato rosti and beetroot ketchup.

Then for desserts…

We got even more creative with a lemon meringue pie with raspberries and green tea for a little touch of taste and colour.

The dessert was clever as we used ‘birds’ custard as the base and thickening agent along with the lemon juice. Then we used Aquafubu for the meringue; by using 200g of chickpea water, 1 tsp of cream of tartar and 100g sugar, it gives you a sweet and glossy vegan ‘meringue’.

We gave this a quick blowtorch and then served!

An amazing day and couple and we wish them all the best and look forward to all our interesting weddings coming this summer!