Water of Life Conference – Lincoln Cathedral – 31st August 2019

An environment dinner to finish off environment week with the Lincoln diocese, with special envoys from the Polynesian islands the week was to highlight and help with climate change.

Titled the Moana water of life conference, Salted Orange was asked to create a menu fitting with the idea of the event. So off we went researching deeper into our food than ever before. We knew straight away we wanted to try and keep everything as close as possible and kept to our target of 10 miles from the Lincoln Cathedral.

Time was on our side so thankfully we could use it to create complex flavours using simple ingredients, such as making our own cured ham for the starter.

Looking into the input out put ratio of meat to serve with the main course we wanted to ensure we got the best ‘footprint’ value from everything we did. So, we settled on pork as it has one of the best environmental ratios and is also Lincolnshire’s champion meat.


For the starter, we made free range egg poached with Lincolnshire ‘ham’ with summer peas and onions. This celebrates the amazing local eggs we have in the county for a simple, yet delicious summer dish to get the evening started.

We made the main course (Pork Ballotine) with as many elements of pork as possible so as to reduce waste, starting with a sausage meat with mixed fruits and nut. This was then rolled that in braised pulled pork, then in spinach. We then enclosed it in the fillet of pork, then the loin and then finally wrapped in bacon.

After such a complex meat dish, we went with a simple garnish of potatoes, braised red cabbage and green vegetables, finished with a rich jus.

Dessert was a custard tart made with local eggs, honey and flour, finished with a milk ice cream and wild blueberries from Scampton.

Sam presented and talked about each course, which helped to spread the understanding of what we wanted to achieve and it was thankfully received. After the meal, the guests and team were treated to a special ceremonial presentation from the envoys, the first time we had seen straw skirts and naked men in the Cathedral.

All in all it was a great night at the chapter house for a great cause, one of which we here at Salted Orange are always keen to work with and support the change for the world for the better. We are committed to always using locally sourced produce and have great pride in Lincolnshire.