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Here at Salted Orange Food Company we offer a fully mobile bar hire service with a bit of a difference. We stock a wide range of different tipples for you and your guests to celebrate with; just simply ask!

The unique feature of our bar hire is that we have the capability to pop up anywhere and serve a variety of beverages. We also pride ourselves on being completely flexible to fit in with your needs and ideas. We can add and remove products to our bar menu to suit your event! If you fancy a drinks menu based on memories or favourites, we can come up with a tailored drink and cocktail menu designed especially for you.

Our bar hire is perfect for any occasion, be it a corporate party, wedding, birthday, or any other celebration. With the latest in pump technology, we can set up and start serving chilled beer in just 30 minutes!

We use Fullers Frontier craft lager and Cornish Orchard cider as our house beer and cider. Both world famous in the products they deliver, we have chosen these brands because of their sheer quality and universal likeability.

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Bar Hire Lincolnshire

How is our bar hire pricing?

Our prices on the mobile bar are no more expensive than going out to a bar or pub in your local area. We feel that our prices should be fair and just for all our customers, to make sure that you can still put on a spectacular event within budget, and keep your guests happy.

Our bar also has card facilities which allows contactless payment. This means no having the take lots of cash out with you, leaving more time for your guests to enjoy themselves. Bar hire is free of charge for any event over 100 people. Any less we would ask for a £200 deposit, which would be returned when over a minimum spend.

We can use either glassware or plastic, depending on the event. We can also provide drinks as an accompaniment to your meals, as well as for wedding receptions or celebration toasts.

So, if you’re interested in mobile bar hire or any of our services, get in touch today and let us create the perfect bar for you!

Bar Hire Lincolnshire


Our award winning outside catering is diverse, fun and of the highest standard. We excel in thinking outside the box which gives us a unique opportunity to present a wide range of options for you to choose from. Whatever you may be celebrating, we can provide anything from street food and hog roast hire to bowl food and canapés. We can create an outside  catering menu which perfectly suits the event.



The free range Lincolnshire pork we serve for our hog roasts are slow roasted for 8 hours and perfect for any event. We provide an excellent service that will create a fantastic focal point for your event, as well as getting all your guest’s tongues talking and tummies rumbling! If you don’t fancy pork then we have a wide range of spit roast options from beef, to chicken, venison and much more!



Have you got a special occasion coming up that you want to you want to make truly exceptional for family, friends, or a partner? Our talented chefs will come to your home, or rented venue and deliver a Michelin star style meal which provides you and your guests with an unforgettable personalised gourmet experience.



Hot or cold? Indoor or outdoor? Big or small? Whatever the event, our delicious catering service is a versatile way to serve and display delicious food for your guests. With a variety of choices, buffets are an all-round crowd-pleaser for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are also a great way to cater for a large party who have different food preferences and can encourage mingling!



We’re bringing the trusty barbeque out of the back garden and into your event. Our BBQ package is designed to be a fitting end or filling affair. With an ever-changing twist on exotic flavours, this downright finger-licking good barbecued food will keep your guest’s taste buds drooling in anticipation. With a gourmet barbeque you’re guaranteed a crowd-pleasing meal for all ages.



For that little touch of wow, our canapés are always a perfect choice for outside catering. Or if you need the food to last a little longer, why not opt for our bowl food which is just as yummy but that little bit bigger. You can also combine our canapés and bowl food catering with our fully functioning bars. This way you could have a cocktail and canapés party, or this service could be best suited to wedding receptions.



We are so excited to add that salted orange touch to another area in catering. We are currently offering 2 choices of setup for your events which can be best described as:

3 set pizza or build your own



In the old days British street food meant cheap sausages over fried onions, but not anymore! Our street food outside catering package is a modern take on the current food trends in the UK. We offer 3 mini stations of food to be enjoyed in a relaxed, delicious and informal way. This is a great evening snack for your guests and offers a wide range of options, even for the fussy eaters!



When you want something a bit simple, elegant and classic look no further than afternoon tea. A timeless classic designed to your specification we offer something special when budgets and trying to please everyone is difficult. 



Here at Salted Orange Food Company we offer a fully mobile bar hire service with a bit of a difference. We stock a wide range of different tipples for you and your guests to celebrate with; just simply ask!