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Barbeque Catering

Barbeque catering is a universal crowd pleasing cuisine which can suit many different tastes. However, if you’re entertaining for many this can be a stressful meal to cook on your own. If you want us to create a spectacular barbeque feast, here at Salted Orange we take this hassle away. We’ll tackle the cooking part, so you can sit down and relax and enjoy the flavoursome food.

When designing your barbeque catering package, we will start by sitting you down and discussing your ideas. We’ll design it to be a filling meal, taking into consideration individual wants and needs. Here at Salted Orange we can give you tastes of barbeque food from around the world, as we can make it as exotic or as safe as you possibly would want. Choose from sausages, burgers, chicken to a variety of vegetarian options. From big USA barbeque style eats, to traditional barbeque catering, we can do it all.

All of our vegetables, buns, baps and bread are sourced to be as fresh as possible. Salted Orange strives to provide a gourmet barbeque catering experience with only the best quality ingredients possible.

Our chefs are specially trained to use our bespoke equipment, and it really shows in every mouthful. They will also serve some of the dishes once they are cooked, with no waiting around for food to go cold.

We’ll make sure your guests leave happy after choosing a meal from our great selection of barbeque catering food. Add to this the fact that we only choose local and fresh products; you’ll soon realise how fantastic our gourmet barbeques really are.

Why choose barbeque catering for your corporate event? A fun way to enjoy food with your work colleagues, this is the perfect way to celebrate the end of a good summer!

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