Bowl Food & Canapes Catering Lincolnshire
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Bowl Food & Canape Catering

People tend to forget that there is a lot more to food than just serving courses and meals. Sometimes a little delicate yet stunning starter is what is needed. These come in two forms: bowl food & canapes.

Bowl food is the perfect choice for events. This incredibly popular option enables guests to mingle and socialise in the same way as a canapé reception would. Yet this also offers a small satisfying meal at the same time.

Canapés, on the other hand are often used at the beginning of an event as the perfect finger food. This makes socialising with lots of people a little bit easier. The small bitesize dishes can be sweet or savoury and we can work together to create a perfect canapé menu for your event, whether it may be influenced by a theme or your favourite food. They also make great appetisers and starters instead of a sit down meal.

We believe that these kinds of dishes go hand in hand with champagne or cocktail receptions. A fully functioning bar is also something we can organise for you at Salted Orange.

With a world of incredible dishes, it is very difficult to decide which dish you love the most. Our bowl food and canapé catering can take that weight off your shoulders, which gives guests a taste of everything.

We ensure our bowl food and canapé catering are innovative, incorporate fantastic speciality ingredients and are presented with original style. As with all of our menus, our canapés are designed seasonally allowing us to have fun with the more exquisite seasonal produce.

canapes with bread and various toppings